Study Skills and Wellness

“My study skills and organization have improved immensely since starting this course. Beforehand I really didn’t have a structured study routine and since starting I’ve found that my timetable organization and certain study skills have improved a lot. I feel more prepared and relaxed about my study now.

I found the mindfulness and breathing helpful because it was a new way of relaxation that I hadn’t explored before. I ended up really enjoying it and I learnt how to take time from everything and just relax. I found after practising my breathing that I felt more relaxed and less stressed and I feel like it’s a new method of de-stressing that has helped me calm down a lot. I hope to carry it with me through life.

I really recommend doing this course as I enjoyed myself and learnt and improved a lot in relation to my study skills and mindfulness.”

Ciara Flynn, 17, Leaving Certificate Student

Loreto High School Beaufort, Rathfarnham, 3 November 2017

Mindful Meditation Course

I attended Barbara Strahan’s previous short meditation classes and would recommend them highly to anyone looking to be introduced or reintroduced to mindfulness of oneself. She creates, in her class, a relaxed, comfortable and supportive environment for self discovery. She has an obvious talent in guiding individuals within a group!

Paul Higgins, Clontarf

Mindful Meditation Course

Before the mindfulness course with Ostinato, my stress and anxiety levels were affecting my everyday life. However, after a few sessions with Barbara my anxiety and stress levels gradually began to decrease.

The discussions during the sessions provided me with the tools and skills to relax, and live in the moment. It also helped me to be non judgemental of people.

It is not always possible but I try to do mindfulness every day. It has made a huge difference to my life. I am much more relaxed. I now take every day as it comes to live in the now.

Barbara is an excellent teacher, and I highly recommend this course.

Phyllis Fairbrother, Templeogue