Study Skills and Wellness

FREE 1 hour consultation for new clients.
Customized courses designed for each client, following consultation with the director, Dr Barbara Strahan 
Private one-to-one sessions for:
  1. Primary School Students: 5th and 6th Class
  2. Secondary School Students

Specialist Advice and Training Provided In:


  1. Study Skills and Homework
  2. Individual Subject Study Plans
  3. Learning Styles
  4. Motivation
  5. Concentration and Focus
  6. Time Management and Organization
  7. Exam Preparation


  1. Breathing Techniques
  2. Mindful Exercises to build Awareness, Concentration, Focus, Memory, and Self Compassion
  3. Mindful Movement


  1. Mindfulness of Breath Meditation
  2. Body Scan Meditation
  3. Meditation of Emotions
  4. Loving Kindness Meditation

Here at Ostinato we offer a customized programme for each individual, depending on their individual requirements. Following your consultation, specific academic and mindfulness elements are explored every week, where the student is given clear instructions on how to apply advice and techniques at home.

Students receive a folder and weekly detailed handout which provides clear instructions on home practice and academic guidelines, as covered in their session.

Each session lasts 60 minutes.

Cost: €50 per session. Each session must be paid for in advance.


My study skills and organization have improved immensely since starting this course. Beforehand I really didn’t have a structured study routine and since starting I’ve found that my timetable organization and certain study skills have improved a lot. I feel more prepared and relaxed about my study now.

I found the mindfulness and breathing helpful because it was a new way of relaxation that I hadn’t explored before. I ended up really enjoying it and I learnt how to take time from everything and just relax. I found after practising my breathing that I felt more relaxed and less stressed and I feel like it’s a new method of de-stressing that has helped me calm down a lot. I hope to carry it with me through life.

I really recommend doing this course as I enjoyed myself and learnt and improved a lot in relation to my study skills and mindfulness.

Ciara Flynn, 17, Leaving Certificate Student

Loreto High School Beaufort, Rathfarnham, 3 November 2017


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