3 key ideas behind Mindfulness: INTENTION ǀ ATTENTION ǀ ATTITUDE

The basic premise of Mindfulness is giving your full attention to the present moment, non-judgmentally. The best way to begin doing this is by bringing your full attention to simple everyday tasks (brushing your teeth, for example). Notice how your toothbrush looks and feels like, the bristles, the toothpaste, the action of brushing your teeth, notice the sounds, the taste, any thoughts that arise. Try this for one week and see what details you begin to notice!

Remember the 3 key ideas: State your INTENTION – Pay ATTENTION – have a compassionate ATTITUDE (i.e. do not criticize, compare or judge yourself)

As you give your full attention to one task, you are slowly starting to train your mind to improve attention, focus and concentration. This improved attention will gradually improve concentration when Doing your Homework, Listening to your Teacher in Class, Studying for Tests, and Reduce Daydreaming and Distracting Thoughts. Get into the practice of having an intention, paying attention and being compassionate during your school days.

This is a perfect (and simple) way to begin mindful learning!